Seasonal Hanbags

21/03/2013 12:08

Fall HandbagsHandbags.comdiscusses Specifically fall handbags. Afterall, it’s August and summer’s almost over. It’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be carrying this next season.

Fall handbags are hitting store shelves even as we write this. Some trends are being carried over from spring (studs, grommets, and other hardware), but most of the fall handbag trends are new.

Fall Handbags - Military InspiredOne trend we’re particularly excited to see make a comeback is military influence. Whether you shop designer handbags or spendy but less trendy labels, you’re sure to see military inspired handbags in various shapes and colors. What makes a bag military style? Think camouflage, canvas, and tan and olive shades.

While completely opposite from military style, you’ll also find romantic handbags making a comeback. These are handbags with flowing style, floral embellishments, lace, swirls, and other details that are distinctly feminine and soft. For more ideas in this category, check out our romantic handbags post.

When it comes to shape, think small and think satchel. Satchels have always been hot but this season has brought out numerous new satchel styles – particularly the convertible satchel. Fall is also all about mini bags, especially on long chains. So ditch that oversized tote for a hot little crossbody mini bag.